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“Do or do not, there is no try”

Aggregated rating 24577 (22)
Best rating in a single event 2706 (50m Butterfly)
Points in 2019 118.0

Date of birth 10/07/2020
Gender Male
Nationality USA
Wingspan (in cm) 200
Height (in cm) 198
Weight (in kg) 93

Specialization: preferred stroke(s) Butterfly;Breaststroke;Backstroke;Freestyle;Individual Medley
Specialization: preferred distance(s) 50 - 100
Specialization: racer characterization Sprinter
Club NY Breakers
Athlete's club history NY Breakers 2019
Races won within ISL (individual events only) 1
Number of match MVP awards 0
Best achievement within the ISL 50 back first Budapest the with matte grevers
Interests The ocean! I love everything about it and all that it offers. Surfing, diving, Spearfishing, everything and sharing it with my friends
Best achievement outside the ISL 2018 Pan PAC Gold Medalist, 2016 World Championship Gold Medalist, World Junior record holder multiple events

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