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“The road will be mastered by the walking one”

Aggregated rating 12312 (331)
Best rating in a single event 1332 (400m Medley)
Points in 2019 13.0
Points in 2020

Date of birth 19/06/1998
Gender Female
Nationality Turkey
Wingspan (in cm) 190
Height (in cm) 182
Weight (in kg) 68

Specialization: preferred stroke(s) Breaststroke;Individual Medley
Specialization: preferred distance(s) 200/400
Specialization: racer characterization Endurance swimmer
Club Energy Standard
Athlete's club history Energy Standard 2019
Races won within ISL (individual events only) -
Number of match MVP awards
Best achievement within the ISL 2019 ISL Champion
Interests Traveling, fashion, arts, music
Best achievement outside the ISL 2015 World Junior Championship world record holder 200 breaststroke + 2015 European short course Championship two times bronze medal h

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