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“Fluctuat nec mergitur”

Aggregated rating 21631 (83)
Best rating in a single event 2594 (400m Medley)
Points in 2019 46.5
Points in 2020

Date of birth 03/04/1989
Gender Female
Nationality Hungarian
Wingspan (in cm) 193
Height (in cm) 185
Weight (in kg) 68

Specialization: preferred stroke(s) Butterfly;Freestyle;Individual Medley
Specialization: preferred distance(s) 200, 400
Specialization: racer characterization Endurance swimmer
Club Energy Standard
Athlete's club history Iron 2019
Races won within ISL (individual events only) -
Number of match MVP awards
Best achievement within the ISL
Interests Ice cream, yoga
Best achievement outside the ISL 2010 European Championship gold medaalist + 2013 world championships 5th place + olympic finalist

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