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“You will always get back what you put in!”

Aggregated rating 18067 (176)
Best rating in a single event 1970 (400m Medley)
Points in 2019 24.5
Points in 2020

Date of birth 04/03/1995
Gender Male
Nationality UK
Wingspan (in cm) 194
Height (in cm) 186
Weight (in kg) 77

Specialization: preferred stroke(s) Freestyle;Individual Medley
Specialization: preferred distance(s) 200/400
Specialization: racer characterization Endurance swimmer
Club Energy Standard
Athlete's club history Energy Standard 2019
Races won within ISL (individual events only) -
Number of match MVP awards
Best achievement within the ISL 2019 ISL Champion
Interests Any other Sports!
Best achievement outside the ISL 2019 European SC Champion gold medal2018 European LC Medalist bronze & silver2016 World SC Medalist silver medalist

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