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“Nothing is true. Everything is permitted”

Aggregated rating 19908 (123)
Best rating in a single event -
Points in 2019
Points in 2020

Date of birth 30/07/1997
Gender Male
Nationality Russia
Wingspan (in cm) 186
Height (in cm) 190
Weight (in kg) 84

Specialization: preferred stroke(s) Backstroke;Freestyle
Specialization: preferred distance(s) 50/100
Specialization: racer characterization Sprinter, Strong finisher, Relay fighter
Club DC Trident
Athlete's club history
Races won within ISL (individual events only) -
Number of match MVP awards
Best achievement within the ISL
Interests Investments, Travel, Cinematography
Best achievement outside the ISL 2019 Western Athletic Conference Championships 200m medley, 100m backstroke and 200m backstroke Gold Medalist

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